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Hi Everybody

I just wanted to apologize for being a poor website contributor the past couple of weeks.  You see, for the past four months I’ve been living with incredible back pain.  Those of you who know the pain and restrictions degenerative discs place on your body and daily routine know the ultimate fix is surgery.  Well, I had a laminectomy last Tuesday and now the recovery is well underway.  I am desperate to rejoin you all very soon.  If I had my way it would be today.  Unfortunately, my opinion doesn’t count.  They insist I rest and rehab for at least another week.  I said “rest? I don’t need no stinking rest!”  Well, I lost that one. 

A lot of you did know that I was hurting and needed surgery.  Your support and assistance has been remarkable.  I want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers and especially the entire WCSX family.  A very special thanks to Jim O’Brien for being so incredibly caring and helpful!  I promise to keep you posted on a daily basis.  In the meantime, listen to your body and never be afraid to see a doctor.  Waiting will often make the situation much worse.  I miss you all and promise to be back sooner than later.  Rock on MotorCity!!

Ken (KC) Calvert       

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